Tuesday, January 20, 2015


there's likely a name
given before, one of many
names like Laura, Terry,
Utah, lament, elegy

the cascade continues,
a devil's slide
a hell's canyon
or some other portal
through which we pass

we see with co-opted eyes,
and we speak
with corrupted mouths
different from tongues
because they cannot be language

I would have liked to know the land
free of trails, logging roads, fences: ownership
I would like to know the people
free of theological bigotry and secular snobbery

we have made ourselves
unavailable to wonder
calling it a waste of time
as we waste our time
on consuming and wasting,
on forgetting lessons
and ignoring mistakes,
all the while staying
on the move, on the run
defending our mobility
and treasuring transience
without meaning -
just because you can move
doesn't mean you should

but we are terrified
of stillness
of silence
of loneliness
of abandonment
only because
we ignore companions who never depart
and lovers who never speak