Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hate Obama? Listen up, peeps.

There are many Americans who believe Obama is doin' it wrong, but I ask them: how would the alternative be any better for the bottom 80% of the population? Great - put the Republicans back in office. The opposition is always all holier-than-thou because apparently all they're required to do is oppose everything, not help.

What does our present opposition have to say about the economic crisis? Sit on the money. Dont' borrow. Don't spend. Well folks, I got a little wake-up call for you: spending money is how you and I stay alive. Spending money is how our economy works.

And what does that opposition always want to do first? Tear away the 1% of the budget devoted to actually helping the helpless - yeah, tell that 85 year old granny to pull herself up by her bootstraps! - cut the top income tax rates, and abolish all the rich-folk-specific taxes. After all, those successful people didn't rely on our system or anyone else to get where they are, so fuck anyone who isn't them, right?

It seems to me like no one in this society EXCEPT Obama is saying we need a can-do attitude and we all need to pull together to get through this. Did you all forget this mess took 30 years to make? Did you all forget that recovering from the Great Depression took 10 years and tooling up for the biggest war in history to get us out of it? Kicking the current government to the curb because it didn't have a magic wand to fix everything in 2 years is deranged reasoning.

What does the opposition stand for? Division. Fragmentation. Me against you. Fear and paranoia. I'm no less sick of that tune than I was in 2000. I'll be voting for progressives and tax-and-spend liberals this year, thanks. At least they've got a few ideas other than just saying 'no' to everything, which about sums up the recently unveiled reboot of the Contract on America.