Wednesday, February 25, 2009

FB wants me for to get 'stimulated'

Yes, back again to vent my spleen at American stupidity.

I have been spending quite a bit of time on Facebook the last couple of months. Recently, FB has started to really lay it on thick with the sponsored advertising, in a very Google-like manner along the right side of the window. I don't have a categorical problem with this - they do get to run their business as they see fit.

One of the dalliances of which I've grown very fond is an application/game called MobWars. Now, perhaps it's just a profile (16 year-olds who think being a gun-toting thug is cool...) which most of the people playing MobWars fit, but (wait for it - I'm getting to my point, dammit) the lion's share of the advertising is consumed by one topic: get-rich-quick schemes!

The irony is suffocating. I mean, get-rich-quick schemes have been the modus operandi for decades, and now we're drowning in their excrement. Get It Today! No Payments Until Whenever! Always the promise that you can pay the piper tomorrow. Well, now we know where that leads eventually - it threatens and ruins everything you truly care about.

So our economy and nation lie at the brink of the abyss, and these fuckers advertising on FB are thrusting their earn-thousands-advertising-on-Google, I'm-a-lazy-fuck-in-a-Ferrari, work-the-economic-recovery-loopholes facade of sexiness and superiority in my face. WTF?!

Here's what really gets me: I actually went to the trouble to flag a bunch of these, choosing 'offensive', 'misleading', or 'repetitive' as the basis for my dislike. Didn't seem to make a speck of difference to how much this shit appeared in the right-hand column. If anything, it increased. Don't tease me, FB! You get me so HOT with your promises to stop the ads! I want it so bad!!