Monday, May 26, 2008

Perhaps a journaling home for a spell

This is the third blog I've started in the last week or so, and it has a much broader focus than the others I've posted here, as they are about specific topics.

This one starts off because I've concluded that the journaling websites all have major problems. Here's the history of my efforts to maintain a web-based journal:

1999-2004: a personal homepage-based journal
2004-2007: LiveJournal user elektronisches
2007-2008: GreatestJournal user elektronen

The first one required a lot of formatting decisions and I never had the patience to keep up with things like CSS and XHTML, so it ended up looking kind of ugly and dated after a while.

LiveJournal, as you will gather if you decide to read, really pissed me off with their high-handed tactics to 'protect' children from 'obscene' content in a big blowup about a year ago. It really highlights what's wrong with this country and how we parent our children. If you don't want your kids coming into contact with inappropriate or exploitative content, get more involved in their lives and online activities. Don't expect corporate America to do that job better, or in any manner that preserves our liberties.

GreatestJournal appeared to be the best alternative of the other Fill-In-BlankJournal formats, and appeared to be the most stable and least corporate in its outlook. Sadly, it has faded from the scene - my sweetie (who keeps up with these fluctuations to a much greater degree) told me the owner has no intentions to continue improving it.

So I've now decided that BlogSpot makes the most sense as a place to continue my occasional contributions to opinionation, ranting, spilling of political bile, and comments on the random absurdity of life.